Top 10 Remote Escapes: Journey to the World’s Most Secluded Destinations

In an increasingly crowded and fast-paced world, the allure of remote travel destinations where one can truly escape the hustle and bustle is more compelling than ever. 


Both within Australia and internationally, there are numerous hidden gems where serenity and solitude can be embraced. Here are the top 10 remote travel destinations to consider:


  1. Cape York Peninsula, Australia – This northernmost tip of Australia offers rugged wilderness areas, untouched beaches, and opportunities for genuine adventure. Accessible primarily by 4WD, it’s a place where you can go days without seeing another soul.

  2. The Kimberley, Australia – Known for its dramatic landscapes, including vast gorges and waterfalls, the Kimberley remains one of the least populated regions in Australia. Travelling here feels like stepping into an ancient world, far removed from modern life.

  3. Kangaroo Island, Australia – Off the coast of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary for wildlife and natural beauty. Its remote beaches and national parks make it a perfect retreat for those looking to escape the crowd.

  4. Pitcairn Island, South Pacific – As one of the world’s least-populated jurisdictions, Pitcairn Island offers profound isolation. With a population of just 50 people, visitors can experience a unique, secluded lifestyle in the middle of the Pacific.

  5. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska, USA – The largest national park in the United States, this area is teeming with glaciers, peaks, and wildlife, offering solitude as well as breathtaking scenery.

  6. The Gobi Desert, Mongolia – With its vast emptiness and dramatic landscapes, the Gobi Desert presents an otherworldly escape. Traveling here, you can explore ancient ruins and experience the nomadic lifestyle far from crowded tourist spots.

  7. Svalbard, Norway – Located in the Arctic Ocean, Svalbard is a place of raw and desolate beauty. This remote archipelago offers polar bear sightings and the Northern Lights, providing a truly isolated northern escape.

  8. The Falkland Islands – With more sheep than people, the Falkland Islands are a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and those seeking peace. The rugged cliffs and extensive bird colonies offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in nature without the crowds.

  9. Bhutan – Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan remains one of the most exclusive travel destinations. Its commitment to maintaining a low volume of tourists through a high-cost tourism policy ensures that visitors can enjoy its monasteries and mountains in relative solitude.

  10. Tasmania, Australia – Despite being part of Australia, Tasmania feels like a world apart with its wild landscapes, from the pristine beaches to the dense wilderness of the West. Its remote beauty is perfect for those looking to step away from the busy world.

These destinations not only offer a break from the noise and chaos of crowded places but also provide a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and oneself. Whether you’re trekking through the wilderness of Tasmania or exploring the remote archipelago of Svalbard, each destination promises a chance to truly unwind and enjoy a quieter pace of life.


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